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MoFo Fantasy Football 2023 - The Season


I've no words for my disappointment in my own decision making. Hopefully the lengthy time before the next fantasy football draft will be enough to scab over the wounds of this season, and Ill never ever try and be creative or take chances anymore. I want to be a boring coach, no frills, just a sure group of starters and a sure group of fillers that never outscore my starters on a 50/50 basis. The pain. The pain. 2 more games, there's no movement left in my body but the pain doesn't know and will surely continue.

The trick is not minding
Good game with Tuckered Out. Offense seems to be back. Kyren scored 35 on my bench, so he’ll move back to the starting spot.
I get Holden and Yoda to finish out the season. If I can win those last two, and get some help along the way, 7-7, while not ideal, would get me into the playoffs. It’ll be tough.

Not sure whats gotten into Dak Prescott the last month or so, but i sure am glad I'm here for it!
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Well shit...
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Nothing left to analyze or rationalize. Lost my sixth in a row and pulled my lowest score yet. Only two of my spots managed double digits, and those were only a 12.00 and a 15.70, while my K and DEF combined for 0.00. Though I suppose I should at least be grateful it wasn't a negative number.

The only thing stopping my fall at eleventh place is that Dustin had too big a "lead" and there are mercifully only two weeks left.
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I get Holden and Yoda to finish out the season. If I can win those last two, and get some help along the way, 7-7, while not ideal, would get me into the playoffs. It’ll be tough.
You will get no resistance from my squad. We may struggle to get 50 total points, this week. Death spirals are fun!

All right, Im going to try and make a personal challenge to not be negative the rest of the season. No reason to damper anyone else's fun, but I will root for PW or Sean to win it all since they haven't before.

Rashee Rice had an awesome game last week. Here's hoping he becomes a dependable earner going forward. With the amount of targets Josh Downs always gets he's earned his slot too. Finishing with a winning record would be a nice way to end the season.

The trick is not minding
Tua and McBride staking Holden to an early lead. Not panicking. I only have Mostert vs nearly his entire lineup during the 1:00 games

Hopefully his scoring plateaus a bit during the second half, and my 4:30 guys can make up the difference vs Aiyuk and Tampa D.

Love and maybe KC D can overcome whatever deficit there remains during the 8:20 game.

Going to be an interesting game.

The trick is not minding
After I say that, Achane vultures a TD away from Mostert. Big swing.
His lead has grown to 36 now. Too much more and it becomes too difficult to overcome.

As an aside, McBride, Ferguson and LaPirta have become TE to target outside of Kelce and Andrews now.

The trick is not minding

Pittman scores a TD in OT to extend the lead to 62.5.

Holden has his best game in awhile and leads 116.5 - 54.

Pretty much comes down to how my 4 pm players produce.

I was worried about this week with my best two players on bye. Nice to get the win so I can breathe easy against Cap next week. Trying to save my win against him for the playoffs.

The trick is not minding
Love, and the return of Kyren from IR, plus the Evans trade has really turned my season around.

If this score holds, I would need a win over Yoda to secure my spot in the playoffs.

Fantasy will always take a back seat when it comes to rooting for my favorite team. Dropping Christian Watson was a sign of tough love. Didn't want to do it, felt I owed it to him, but he was getting too comfortable not performing in my line up. 36 points in 6 games isn't going to cut it. He needed a change of scenery. I'm glad to see he responded well to his release - 51 points in 3 games playing with a bunch of Clowns. Hope his hammy is okay and he continues to put up big numbers on the ******** Clowns bench.