My profile says I've been here for 12 years!


My life isn't written very well.
Okay, I am truly emotional seeing everyone here again. I left for a while to do life and it's amazing to "see" all of the "originals" back here!

I think the last time I was active (not trolling) was about 6 years ago.

I had a break up with my partner, got my life together, married a great guy, and we have adopted two kids: One nine and one 12, both boys.

I have become the editor of and writer/editor for (not plugs).

Life is great!

How have all you Originals been. The Originals know who they are!

Catch me up!

I have been formatted to fit this screen.

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Wow, good to see you again...... Tim? I'm terrible with names but that one rings a bell.

Welcome back!
"Critics are like eunuchs in a harem; they know how the Tatty 100 is done, they've seen it done every day, but they're unable to do it themselves." - Brendan Behan

I had originally written 'Hi Tim' on the kitty thread. Then I thought maybe I shouldn't use your name. Don't remember how I know it.. must have made an impression

My life isn't written very well.
Sir Toose!! A TRUE original! How have you been my friend?

My life isn't written very well.
I know I'm a noob but, welcome back!
Hi False Writer! I was a noob once! You probably realize that meeting people here will make you friends for life! You realize Mark Zuckerberg got his idea from Yoda!

Nice to meet you!

Sir Toose!! A TRUE original! How have you been my friend?
Getting older and perhaps wiser

Although if the mind is the first thing to go then maybe i'll only be wiser for a short time!

Sounds like you're doing well! Gald to have you back.

Nice to meet you as well!

And yes, everyone here is great, and it appears to have always been that way. This place is very unique in that regard. I've been to dozens of other forums and there is always some ridiculous argument going on. Not here though.

You realize Mark Zuckerberg got his idea from Yoda!
I believe it, except this site is better!

My life isn't written very well.
Sometimes being wise is the realization that happiness has an expiration date. LOL

A system of cells interlinked
I have been doing really well! To catch you up a bit, I am getting married in September of next year to a lovely lady that only occasionally pops on MoFo from time to time, but still manages to be awesome! i am back to playing guitar after about a 10 year break, and I take lessons from Angel Vivaldi, one of my favorite players. I started a new position at work recently that sort of cut into my MoFo time, but I try to get on as much as possible.

Welcome back!
“It takes considerable knowledge just to realize the extent of your own ignorance.” ― Thomas Sowell

My life isn't written very well.
Zuckerberg went by the name 'Django', I seem to remember...
Ok, you know you can't say that name 3 times around here!

My life isn't written very well.
I believe it! Although it was quite entertaining to see Yoda break out his superhuman intellegence to match wits with him...