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  1. 10-01-10
    Hey, nice to see you again.
  2. 05-02-10
    im watchin u
  3. 05-02-10
  4. 11-15-09
    I would appreciate an answer on this. You seemed very into it when we got started. I can't remember your vote, but if it was for something besides simply reordering them, then maybe you're mad, and you don't want to send me a new list. Either way, I'd like to know.
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The Thaw   10/01/09
...the film will not scare you into recycling, but may make you forget the plot is recycled until that last, s

Jennifer's Body   9/22/09
Jennifer's Body is like a water damaged Rolex watch; the outside is still intriguing, but the inner workings a

Sorority Row   9/15/09
Lately most horror movies include a building, usually a house where people are trapped or going to be trapped.

The Final Destination   9/01/09
I was actually surprised by The Final Destination. Now most of you proper film critics out there may shrug thi

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