The Thaw   10/01/09
by r3port3r66
In the case of The Thaw it is a once frozen island that is slowly melting (thanks industry smokestacks) to reveal prehistoric creatures and the parasites within them.

Jennifer's Body   9/22/09
by r3port3r66
Jennifer's Body: starring Megan Fox (kind of), written by Diablo Cody (Juno), Directed by Karyn Kusama (Girlfight),and it's a horror movie!

Sorority Row   9/15/09
by r3port3r66
So, you have a horror movie with about six beautiful young actresses, one tiny topless shot, no original kills (although one involving a bottle of alcohol is passable), no original story, no original twist, bad acting, Carrie Fisher making good on a promise to someone in Hollywood (I have to say a little respect has been lost for her), and an ending so ridiculous you want to strangle the theater manager for selling you a ticket.

The Final Destination   9/01/09
by r3port3r66
Like the gimmicks of the 50's, there is a 3D scene involving a movie within a movie theater that really, really works.

Seed   8/18/09
by r3port3r66
The story stinks to high heaven, one-third of the movie takes place in a dark house where only flashlights are used--flashlights don't make good lighting for a film, and it's directed by the killer of video game inspired movies, Uwe Boll.

The Collector   8/11/09
by r3port3r66
Lets just say that they are a part of the latter Saw movies, and based on The Collector, they want to capture the essence of that movies doom, while borrowing heavily from its gory premise.

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