Thor: Ragnarok

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This is great news. With neither of the two being in Civil War, it's going to be great to see them team up and bring down shitstorms of pain. Also, the possibility of Planet Hulk in the future? Hell yes I say.

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Tessa Thompson has joined the cast of Thor: Ragnarok. It hasn't been confirmed for definite who she's playing but she's been described as "a kind of superhero that will appear in other Marvel films as well." It is strongly believed however that she will be playing Valkyrie.

I hadn't seen her in anything before Creed but I thought she was really good in that. Seemed to have a real spark and charisma to her. Based on that she seems like a nice bit of casting.

You damn right!

Never seen Guardians of the Galaxy, and wont. I have seen the Thor movies though, and Imo his films have been the best Marvel movies.

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It's been pointed out to me by someone else that I should have gone with Asguardians of the Galaxy. Damn it.
I'm definitely getting the GotG vibe, but that's not a bad thing.

And Cate Blanchett as the villain? Sign me up

I agree with the Guardians similarities and I hope that they don’t copy the feel of that film too much, but I am excited to see the Thor franchise go in a different direction! I wasn’t the biggest fan of the first two installments.

I'm dying to hear why Tongo refuses to watch the best Marvel movie.

Well. That's the first Thor movie I've ever wanted to see. So many good things in that trailer, but it's all about Immigrant Song. If that doesn't get you hype, you don't have a soul.

Way to make a trailer Disney.

"Best friends forced to do battle!"

It does look fun, but I gotta say, when I saw this was called "Ragnarok," I was thinking more "epic world-ending conflict and drama" than I was "feel good oldies-laden buddy pic."

This might just do nobody any good.
The amount of people on the internet who don't seem to understand why Immigrant Song is such an awesome pick is kind of depressing.

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@ Tongo - why won't you watch Guardians? Probably the most fun of all the Marvel flicks.
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Didn't mind the previous Thor movies, but as with most Marvel films they were simply ok.
The trailer for this however looks awful. I hope that I am pleasantly surprised.
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Could be the CGI... the trailer might well be suffering with the same unfinished effects that Justice League had... but an armoured Hulk just looks wring tbh.
Big, green, wears armour = Warcraft.

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I'll watch it just for Big Hemsworth's voice - Hi There - and Loki.