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"I don't want to be a product of my environment, I want my environment to be a product of me" (Frank Costello)
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  1. 02-18-17

    Chucked a couple Goonies Banners in the thread for you.
Get Out   3/22/17
Get out (2017) I did not know an awful lot about this film before I watched it today. I had seen the t...

Black Mass   3/17/17
Black Mass (2015) This is a biographical crime film that focuses on the criminal career of James 'White...

Kong: Skull Island   3/09/17
Kong Skull Island (2017) My expectations of this film were fairly low and I only really booked to see it ...

The Kite Runner   3/06/17
The Kite Runner (2007) This was one of those films that you intend to watch but it just stays on your...

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