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Dragged Across Concrete

Dragged across concrete (2018)

I had never heard of this film before I saw it appear on Amazon prime, which is surprising given Zahler and the high profile cast that are connected to it.


The basic premise is that a couple of effective yet not by the book cops get caught up in the criminal underworld as the lines get more and more blurred for them.

What I liked

There is so much that I appreciated about this film. Firstly, I love the pace of the film, there is not much change in pace throughout, which is a risky strategy if you don't get it right, but I think Zahler does in perfectly. The pace is contstant throughout which somehow makes the film feel far more realistic that other films of a similar ilk.
It is shot beautifully too, with some great use of colour, light and shade and some excellent camera work, especially during some seemingly mundane scenes that are heavy with dialogue. There is one scene where Vaughn's character is eating a sandwich, and I found the scene briliant and there was so much feeling coming from the it, which is hard to do, when it is simply a man eating a sandwich.
I was also impressed by the acting, Vaughn and Gibson were excellent, but I was really impressed with Tory Kittles.
The story telling was also high quality, as rather than just focusing on the main players, it gives us a glimpse into the lives of those that are bit part players. It isn't needed, but I think that again it added a sense of realism to the whole experience.

What could be better

For me, there was little that I could fault about this film, but as it is a review I will try and address some points that may be issues for others.
I was worried about the run time, which at 2h 39m is quite long, but for me it wasn't a huge issue for me as I was engaged throughout the film, and barely noticed the time. In fact, I didn't really want it to end.
There aren't many endearing characters in the film, which although I liked, others may have a problem with, There isn't really a clear good people v bad people situation.
There are flashes of violence and gore that you would associate with Zahler, but I didn't find it indulgent or out of place.
As I say, it is dialogue heavy and a one paced film and although I liked it, others that prefer more thrills and shifts in pace may not appreciate it.


I loved this film and there was little that I could find that I didn't like. I think I liked it all the more as I knew nothing about it and I love it when a film that you don't know about surprises you.
It is one of those films that makes you ask yourself how you feel about each of the stories that are intertwined and about the situations that unfold. There are subtle yet strong emotional drivers throughout the story. Loved it!