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Rambo: Last Blood

Rambo:Last Blood (2019)

This film was full of cliche, the acting was average, the story familiar, the production was decent, but nothing that we haven't seen before. Yet...I loved this film!!!!

It was pure Rambo. Absolute carnage driven by a pain that the viewer can't fail to buy into,

In brief without spoilers, Rambo finds himself in a kerfuffle with a load of bad men and mayhem ensues.

Whatever you think of Sly, he takes a simple idea, tells an emotive story and presents us with a tortured hero that we can't fail to root for. Here he does it again. It hasn't got the rawness of First Blood part 1 or 2, but it makes up with it with pure emotion and violence.

What did I like?

Pretty much everything. Granted, I am invested in Rambo before the film starts, as I have been a fan since I was a kid, but as this film went on, the more I wanted to audibly cheer him on.
It looks better than previous offerings, with some nice shots and it looks clean and slick. One sequence in particular reminded me of something out of John Wick or The Raid.
I know others don't rate him, but I like Stallone as an actor. He does what he does well, and he does it again in this film. with a character that he is obviously familiar with.
The last 30 minutes is tremendous, it's like 'Home alone' for grown ups.

What could be better?

The answer to this question is: so much, yet not much at all.
To make a film that would be more critically aclaimed, you would be looking at more creativity, a more believable plot, deeper dialogue etc, but then it just wouldn't be Rambo.
The film is exactly as it was intended to be and doesn't try to be anything else than a adrenaline fuelled festival of violence.


I just loved it!
It is one of those films that does what it means to, and I was thoroughly entertained.
Realistic? No, but I still want to be friends with John Rambo.
It brought back the same feelings when I discovered First Blood 1&2 in my youth.