Rocky   8/23/20
by Sarge
The acting is simply tremendous - Stallone is quality and convincing as the tough, simple and vulnerable Rocky, but for me Talia Shire is the standout in her role as Adrian, SHe captures the character perfectly and uses silence more effectively that words, it really is incredible.

Dragged Across Concrete   2/04/20
by Sarge
The pace is contstant throughout which somehow makes the film feel far more realistic that other films of a similar ilk.

Rambo: Last Blood   1/25/20
by Sarge
Granted, I am invested in Rambo before the film starts, as I have been a fan since I was a kid, but as this film went on, the more I wanted to audibly cheer him on.

1917   1/16/20
by Sarge
The characters lacked the depth of those of such films as Saving Private Ryan and Hacksaw Ridge.

Darkest Hour   1/12/18
by Sarge
That is not normally a priority for me in films but I was consistently appreciating the quality throughout the film.

Baby Driver   6/30/17
by Sarge
There was a slight darkness to the story and to the film.

The Hunt   6/21/17
by Sarge
I was fully invested in the story and the majority of the characters and part of that was down to the topics raised in the film, and also in the quality of the film making.

Dances with Wolves   5/30/17
by Sarge
One of the things that I appreciated most was the subtle, yet powerful story of the film with key messages of humanity throughout.

Alien: Covenant   5/12/17
by Sarge
The film included some nice touches in terms of linking the story to 'Prometheus'.

Forbidden Games   4/21/17
by Sarge
The story - Any good film rises and falls on the strength of it's story.

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