December '15 Movie of the Month: GATTACA


For the December Movie of the Month Movie Club Movie Thing Movie, I nominate: Gattaca, one of my all-time favorite films.

I was tempted to nominate other favorites like The Apostle or The Lives of Others (which was my runner-up choice), but I decided to go with something a little more crowd-pleasing/accessible. Despite being more deserving of those terms than the other two films, Gattaca is no less thoughtful. There'll be plenty to talk about here, which is good because I'll be recording a podcast about it in a couple of weeks.

Haven't seen this for years because my first viewing was less than memorable. I know it has a pretty faithful following so I will use this chance to revisit.

Interesting choice Yoda! I wasn't expecting a pick like this one. I have heard of it and even saw a scene on TV once, other than that I haven't heard much about it. I'm looking forward to seeing it in full!

Also looking forward to your podcast!

Seen it twice! One at school 5 years ago and one 2 years ago in blu-ray. I like it, I'm a big fan of Ethan Hawke
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Excellent choice! I seen Gattaca only once years ago. I've always though highly of this film. What I like is, it's existential and character driven. So those who aren't into sci fi might love this one. I'll be watching it.

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Seen it twice! One at school 5 years ago and one 2 years ago in blu-ray. I like it, I'm a big fan of Ethan Hawke
Who isn't, he's amazing.

Good nomination, Yoda, I enjoyed the movie quite a bit.

Don't know if I'll do a rewatch, but I'll most likely tune into a discussion or two once the thread gets rolling!

I'll be watching this sometime in the next week or two, and in a couple of weeks, recording a podcast. I've already got one guest lined up, but if anyone else is interested, send me a quick message and maybe we can figure something out.

I've said i'd watch the last two and didn't, mostly because the last few months of the year are usually my busiest. Should be able to find time for this though with the holidays coming up. I've noticed Yoda mention this before but not in detail so i'll be looking forward to his usually great write ups. The person i usually connect this movie with though is Guap, i'm sure he has told us that this is one of the great works of art of the 20th Century. Anyway looking forward to it.

Interesting that the first three were Sci-Fi.

Yes! I managed to find a used Blu Ray copy at the mall for 6 bucks. Will be watching and reviewing in the next couple days!

This is rather ironic. I just bought this a few days ago because I got into the video store three minutes before closing and it was one of the only decent movies I could find in such short notice.

I've been aware of Gattaca's existence for a long time, but never got around to checking it out. To be honest it looked a little too similar to several other movies. So my expectations have been a bit low. But this thread is raising them a bit. I had no idea people held it in such high regard.

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I had no idea people held it in such high regard.
Yeah, it's a decent enough film. If you like sci-fi genre and are not such an elitist little prick as me you'd probably like it.

Well I don't care what genre it is, as long as the acting, cinematography, and directing are good.

Maybe one day when I grow up I can be elite like you. Now Jodorowsky is the highest level director I've seen. But I really want to see Tristan Tzara.