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  1. 02-19-20
    Going to watch this, this evening, THANK YOU!!
  2. 01-19-20
  3. 12-16-19
    Just admit it already: you're just a bacalava-wearing anime character.
  4. 12-16-19
    You're a pseudo human
Knights of the Teutonic Order   11/07/17
Whenever I watch movies set in medieval times with knights, I want to see grand battles, maidens and heroism, ...

Angst   3/02/16
If you actually did watch the movie before reading this, then my favorite part will undoubtedly be your favori...

Gimme Shelter   12/30/15
Based on a true story movies can sometimes make me forget to think about character motivations because that wa...

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens   12/20/15
The idea of a great battle between the Republic and the Empi...

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