Passengers   5/01/20
by Zotis
A spaceship, that looks like something I've seen in a dozen other space movies already, is flying through space towards a planet with a name so generic you could not come up with something more boring if you were offered a million dollars, Homestead II.

Knights of the Teutonic Order   11/07/17
by Zotis
When I found the movie as an adult it turned out to be a bit of a mediocre movie.

Angst   3/02/16
by Zotis
Maybe one day I'll find another movie that gives me the sensation that this movie made me feel.

Gimme Shelter   12/30/15
by Zotis
Based on a true story movies can sometimes make me forget to think about character motivations because that was the way that it actually happened.

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens   12/20/15
by Zotis
The idea of a great battle between the Republic and the Empire is pretty cool the way that they told it in the movie (sorry I can't be more specific without a spoiler), but when I saw it in the movie I thought to myself, "Year right, like it would have happened that way.

Room   12/17/15
by Zotis
But I get the confident feeling that I won't see Larson in an action movie blockbuster, and that, I think, is a good thing.

Pandorum   12/03/15
by Zotis
Most characters had a super-human pain threshold that should only be expected in Marvel movies.

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials   11/18/15
by Zotis
It pulled me into the movie and made me believe for just a moment that I wasn't watching a movie; I was actually there and what was happening was actually real.

Cries and Whispers   11/18/15
by Zotis
In addition to the movie itself is an incredible interview with Bergman in which he opens up and talks in great length about his career, himself, the movie, and other insights alongside actor Erland Josephson.

The Face of an Angel   5/27/15
by Zotis
The plot followed the events of a director looking for material to write a script for a movie that he would then direct.

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