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The Face of an Angel

The Face of an Angel (2014) Drama
Directed by Michael Winterbottom
Starring Daniel Brühl, Kate Beckinsale, and Cara Delevingne

I just saw this in theaters, and I was very glad I decided to go see it. It was refreshingly technically excellent with solid acting, cinematography, dialogue, and plot structure. The film itself was very realistic with characters that felt like real people in all their flaws, quirks, and intricacies. The plot followed the events of a director looking for material to write a script for a movie that he would then direct. The content of his quest for film material is a murder trial in Italy. A young college girl was brutally murdered, and two of her friends were on trial. The content of the film deals with the personal life and affairs of Daniel Brühl's character, Thomas.

I'm not sure if I would go so far as to say it was a flaw, but there were a lot of very short shots with frequent cuts. Sometimes the cutting felt a bit awkward, and leaps in time could happen at the drop of a hat. Sometimes the courses of events were extremely fast paced with cuts all over the place. I didn't really mind it, but it did feel a bit weird. I couldn't always tell when a dream scene had started and what was real versus what was in the dream. Maybe that was intentional, but I couldn't really tell. For the most part the acting was great except for a few brief moments where extras sounded like they were reading their lines. I liked Kate Beckinsale in this. It's been a while since I've enjoyed her in a film. Daniel Brühl was excellent as the focus point of the film, and Cara Delevingne was a vibrant personality.

Overall I enjoyed the movie quite a bit, and I would definitely recommend it. There really aren't very many interesting movies in theaters right now, so I would say it's definitely one of the more interesting ones.