Armitage: Dual Matrix   5/22/15
by Zotis
It also included the original four OVA's and the remastered movie Armitage III: Poly-Matrix (the original OVA's compiled into a movie with some additions).

Persepolis   4/30/15
by Zotis
The only thing that could have made me love the movie more would be content that appealed more to me, but that being said I would not actually want anything in this movie to be changed.

A Tree of Palme   4/22/15
by Zotis
Overall I enjoyed the movie a lot, and I was only disappointed towards the end when I noticed the morality and personalities of the characters weren't really adding up.

Avalon   4/07/15
by Zotis
I kind of forgive that because Oshii did direct the Ghost in the Shell movie, and Ghost in the Shell was one of the more prominent influences for The Matrix, but Im not sure how much to forgive since Ghost in the Shell wasnt his original work to begin with, but an adaptation of the manga.

Audition   1/31/15
by Zotis
During the actual auditions, before the half-way point of the film, Kunimura's character asks the woman he's interviewing who her favorite actor is and what her favorite Tarkovsky film is.

Winter's Bone   1/23/15
by Zotis
Hawkes' character, Teardrop, plays the tough uncle to Jennifer's character, Ree.

Blue Is the Warmest Color   4/19/14
by Zotis
I went into this film knowing very little about it, and that is my favorite way to go into a film of this caliber.

The Passion of Joan of Arc   4/16/14
by Zotis
Before watching this film I watched Joan of Arc (1948) and made the mistake of saying that there were a couple other Joan of Arc films that looked like they could match it.

Joan of Arc   4/16/14
by Zotis
I would not say it's my favorite movie, or the greatest film ever made.

Oblivion   4/14/14
by Zotis
"If nothing else, "Oblivion" will go down in film history as the movie where Tom Cruise pilots a white, sperm-shaped craft into a giant space uterus.

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