Star Wars: Episode 7?!!


WTF? It is true?
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yea my guess is gonna have to be no
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Lucas is on the record as planning nine films in total, but seems to have backed off on that more recently. Regardless, whether it ever happens or not, the poster is definitely a fake, and not even an especially convincing once, given how impressive fan art can often be.

It would be great if Lucas passed on the Star Wars mantle to someone if he doesn't plan on finishing them.

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I pray to god this isn't real. Lucas has, for a long time now, been beating a dead, moldy, festering horse. Why he couldn't have simply kept it as three movies in the first place puzzles me.

But I have an uncontrollable want to caress his beard though... <_<
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It would be great if Lucas passed on the Star Wars mantle to someone if he doesn't plan on finishing them.
This really wouldn't surprise me; he let other director's direct Empire and Jedi. Plus, although he was the main mind behind creating it, he let Spielberg do Indiana Jones. He said himself back in the day that he preferred to produce instead of direct sometimes, since the stress is less.

So, it wouldn't surprise me if he did do that.

Anywho, that's a cool fan made poster. It'd be really nice that if anything would ever happen (which I wouldn't hold your breath over) a poster like that would be used.
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They do have plans for a TV series that takes place between episodes 3 and 4. I imagine it will suck, but only time will tell.

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No way!

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Nice poster!
Totally a fake though. Even Lucas wouldn't plan something for 5 years from now and leak it today.

I'm suddenly reminded of the Rocky XXXVIII poster in Airplane II.

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My feelings tell me that there would be a great uproar surrounding the rumored 'third trilogy', if indeed it was to be made.

The great thing about Star Wars Is that is has become so much more than a movie. Lucas, in one of his few and far between brilliant moves, has liscenced the story to a successful line of novels, popular comic books and a plethora of video games. Each installment, regardless of it's media, expands upon the universe that Lucas created.

This is all done in a highly organized manner; every new storyline and character has to pass a continuity editor, who ensures that there are no major discrepancies in this ever-expanding Galaxy. For example, if i wanted to publish a book that takes place during the battle of Endor, i would have to make sure all of my planets, characters and galactic events are correct before i could legally publish it. I've heard that the larger decisions have to pass by Lucas himself.

And therein lies our problem; How could a final trilogy be produced when the Star Wars timeline has already progressed so much farther?

Lucas could ignore the entire 'expanded universe', which is pretty much considered canon, and write a new story. Fans would be outraged.

Or, he could choose a trilogy of previously published books to make into movies, like the Heir to the Empire trilogy. Could work as movies, but would he really take a pre-written story? Not likely, if i know old Georgie like i think i do.

His final option, then, is to go beyond the current edge of the expanded universe and write something new. This has a slim chance of working, because the books are already decades after the Battle of Endor. There would be a large disconnect between the content of the films, considering what has happened in the universe and what the writers have done with key players like Luke and Chewie.

My cinematic inclinations would also tell me that in order for a final trilogy to be successful, it would have to become, in essence the final chapter of the entire Star Wars saga. It would have to develop, expand upon, and ultimately resolve the ideas, conflicts and content that the first six movies dealt with.

But Vader is dead. Seeing as how the entire saga dealt with his personal character arch, i do not see how a third trilogy could possibbly work without feeling incredibly gimmicky, even for Lucas.

I, for one, will wait anxiously for the upcoming television series, but hope beyond hope that nobody gives the go ahead for three more movies.

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Source? Oh, there isn't one.

Just like there isn't an Episode VII in the works.
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Source? Oh, there isn't one.

Just like there isn't an Episode VII in the works.
I heard about it on tv after the release of Star Wars 3. Did some research and found this link: