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Twin Peaks: The Second Season


Paramount Home Entertainment have announced they will be releasing Twin Peaks: The Second Season April 10th, 2007.

This long-awaited complete second season release will include English Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound and the original 2.0 audio alongside an optional Spanish dub.

Stay tuned for complete details as soon as they are announced.

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Wow, and to think I spent all that time searching on eBay for pirated bad VHS copies.... (Didn't buy any, though, so I'm glad I held out for the real thing.)

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Finally is right. I have had season one for forever now. I about died too, when I put in disc one, and it started with . . . "Last time on Twin Peaks."
So OK, they put the pilot movie on a separate DVD. heheh I had no clue, but bought it shortly after. I also have Fire, Walk With Me. Although I have yet to watch it.

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Need. Want. Too damn broke to get...
Yoohoo - release date is April 2007. Maybe you'll win the lottery before then.