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  1. 04-13-23
    Based furry guy
  2. 03-27-23
    Thanks for taking the time on my list 🤙 I'll do the same if you write a top 100.
  3. 11-08-18
    Keyser's Kinematic Kwiet Korner
  4. 08-31-18
    Enjoy the reviews, people should be reading your thread more, haha.
Free Willy   6/19/23
It's an excellent movie with minor flaws that deserves to be talked about and studied by both film student and

Tropic Thunder   6/15/23
This case is especially true when said type of character is a role played by a character in the REAL movie, an

Shoah   6/15/23
Thanks to Claude Lanzmann, these Holocaust survivors' stories will be told long after their deaths, and I feel

Showdown in Little Tokyo   6/13/23
Right now, during the war movie ballot, I'm focusing on one war movie and one bad movie a day, and our feature

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