Yentl   5/31/24
by KeyserCorleone
This, when paired with the strong sentimentality and emotional core of the songs, makes up for the lacking and messy rhythms which are more geared towards allowing Streisand a chance to sing rather than to feel like a musical number, which might be best for the theme to stay away from the obnoxiousn...

Fellini Satyricon   5/25/24
by KeyserCorleone
This is the kind of film that will be sought out by fans of Fellini's quirky and sometimes experimental style, because this is one of the Fellini movies only the fans will look for.

Cats   5/19/24
by KeyserCorleone
I'm saying this because there are some who are looking foreward to this Thundercats movie, and have the audacity to say this movie looked creepy:

Magnolia   5/18/24
by KeyserCorleone
It fully captures the emotions and sense of epica you could find in such an improbably situation, which is relying on that 0.1% possibility when you think about the storm, throughout most of the movie, and doesn't rewrite the movie's sense of melodrama in anyway, shape or form...

My Darling Clementine   5/09/24
by KeyserCorleone
In fact, I keep a tally of all the horror movies I've seen because at one point, my log of every movie I've ever seen was filled with more than 20% horror, and I really wanted to change that.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows   1/27/24
by KeyserCorleone
But what's most obvious about this movie is that there are some flaws in the first movie that couldn't be changed in the second.

Spy Kids   1/06/24
by KeyserCorleone
Any little kid who plays pretend spy would think of this kinda stuff, and they made a literal movie out of it.

Inside Man   12/30/23
by KeyserCorleone
And for today's episode, we're going to dive into a Dog Day Afternoon-style movie that was five years in the making, written by a lawyer who passed it around until Imagine Entertainment looked around for a director after Ron Howard cancelled for Cinderella Man, making its way to Hollywood's favorite...

3 Women   12/28/23
by KeyserCorleone
I can describe Altman's style with one movie scene from a non-Altman movie.

Nashville   12/26/23
by KeyserCorleone
But Having watched this movie a second time has inspired me to watch other Altman movies a second time, and it also further convinced me of The Player's greatness because I remember so much about it.

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