Brokeback Mountain   5/31/21
by KeyserCorleone
I'd say this is in my top 5 Ang Lee movies, but Sense and Sensibility was slightly better because the three acts did a better job of balancing out story, character development and overall consistency.

Satantango   5/30/21
by KeyserCorleone
This time (created by the various longshots in the film) can be used to examine the scenarios, scenery, and especially the facial expressions of the characters and contemplate what is in their heads, which acts as a good part of the fun of this mysterious movie.

Freddy vs. Jason   5/30/21
by KeyserCorleone
My only real concern with the movie is that it still builds itself on some of the tropes left behind by A Nightmare on Elm Street 3, and I don't really think we need ANOTHER way to reincarnate Jason.

The Conjuring 2   5/28/21
by KeyserCorleone
I'd give the third act a whole star over the first two acts just for it's exciting way of putting all the plot points together in a satisfying ending as well as any horror movie should.

The Pagemaster   5/22/21
by KeyserCorleone
If not for The Pagemaster, I probably wouldn't have even watched art movies or finished the 1,200-page novel War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy.

Sphere   5/21/21
by KeyserCorleone
However, the problem that we really face is that while it's derivative for a sci-fi movie, these plot-points are largely unfamiliar to the typical submarine horror movie.

The Golden Compass   5/19/21
by KeyserCorleone
That with the knowledge of the nerfed religious undertones, it's pretty obvious that this movie didn't do the book any justice, which is ironically made obvious to even those who haven't read the books.

The Amityville Horror   12/09/20
by KeyserCorleone
And something I just have to mention: people don't need to die on screen for a movie to be scary, and the movie proves that constantly.

Slugs   12/06/20
by KeyserCorleone
The biggest problem with the movie haunts many sci-fi and horror movies throughout history: the characters are not well developed.

Friday the 13th Part 3   12/05/20
by KeyserCorleone
Otherwise, Three is just a bare-bones slasher with stock characters that add little to the story and lacking in the suspense of the first film.

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