Vampyros Lesbos   9/06/21
by KeyserCorleone
Well, it's a pretty simple movie by a simple director who makes B-movies, indie movies, nudie movies, you know, the guy who doesn't put that much effort into his movies because he feels like he doesn't need them.

Army of the Dead   8/21/21
by KeyserCorleone
I'll bet a lot of Snyder fans wanted him to do another zombie movie after he managed to do (what I hear is) a great remake of a great zombie movie, so with one big "what the hell" and a couple taps on a phone, I found myself in the ruins of Las Vegas.

Hillbilly Elegy   8/18/21
by KeyserCorleone
My dad, who had a lot of strong opinions about movies and TV shows, considered The Andy Griffith Show to be one of the greatest shows ever.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone   8/13/21
by KeyserCorleone
The movie relies on its magical atmosphere as opposed to an abundance of special effects which so many 2000's movies were guilty of doing.

Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny   8/03/21
by KeyserCorleone
It's a movie within a movie, and the inner movie is directed by the man who brought you the MST3K episode Rocket Attack USA.

Prince of Darkness   8/03/21
by KeyserCorleone
Having just rewatched Alien, I'm more focused on the atmosphere that movies build (of course, comparing Prince of Darkness to the scariest movie ever made is gonna fail miserably).

Takers   7/31/21
by KeyserCorleone
A couple of strengths barely help to save the movie from its jumbled plot and characters, so I wouldn't recommend this movie at all unless for whatever reason you're a Chris Brown fan and want to see him pull of some perfect acting.

Trancers   7/14/21
by KeyserCorleone
The plot is too similar to The Terminator, which was released a few weeks before this movie (so I'm not gonna call it a rip-off considering that the two movies were in development at the same time).

Initial D   7/12/21
by KeyserCorleone
The whole movie showed the camera pausing shots while the audio went on for no reason other than "cool cinematography," and it was so utterly random that it got older than a Shyamalan movie.

Brokeback Mountain   5/31/21
by KeyserCorleone
Brokeback Mountain is one of the most realistic movies I've ever seen, so much so that it blows most romance movies out of the water just on this merit.

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