Rebecca   5/20/23
by KeyserCorleone
After watching the incredible Strangers on a Train, I got back in the mood for Hitchcock, which is conflicting with my current obligation to watch war movies for the war countdown.

Tarzan the Ape Man   5/16/23
by KeyserCorleone
Throughout most of the movie, we forget about the very reason Jane and her father are in the jungle because most of the movie is Tarzan being Tarzan and humorously "charming" Jane, which doesn't really feel romantic at all.

Empire   5/14/23
by KeyserCorleone
I know the movie has no audio, so listening to a few albums while watching this is no different to me than watching any other movie with the background noise of the ceiling fan or dogs barking.

Acrimony   4/29/23
by KeyserCorleone
And this time the movies are all jumbled with one connecting theme: they're all movies that are directed by people I've experienced before.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie   4/27/23
by KeyserCorleone
The Mario Movie might not have broken the video game curse to a few movie goers, but it certainly reversed the problem, and capitalized on the strengths of faithfulness.

Creed   4/01/23
by KeyserCorleone
But there wasn't much of that forgotten resolution here, largely becuase the movie plays out how you expect the movie to go.

Rocky Balboa   3/30/23
by KeyserCorleone
Rocky III: 75 The Expendables: 73 Rocky II: 73 Rocky Balboa: 64 Rocky IV: 49

Rocky V   3/30/23
by KeyserCorleone
Rocky V is better than the original cut of Rocky IV in the story department, but in my opinion, IV and V are filler movies just to get to Rocky Balboa, the sixth movie, and of course, the iconic Creed films.

Rocky IV   3/28/23
by KeyserCorleone
Rocky III: 75 The Expendables: 73 Rocky II: 73 Rocky IV: 49

Rocky III   3/27/23
by KeyserCorleone
T was in this movie, let alone that this was the movie that made him famous.

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