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A Fistful of Dollars


Clint Eastwood, Marianne Koch, Gian Maria Volonté, Wolfgang Lukschy View All


Sergio Leone (Screenplay), Sergio Leone (Director), Akira Kurosawa (Screenplay), Víctor Andrés Catena (Screenplay) View All

Release: Sep. 12th, 1964
Runtime: 1 hour, 39 minutes
The Man With No Name enters the Mexican village of San Miguel in the midst of a power struggle among the three Rojo brothers and sheriff John Baxter. When a regiment of Mexican soldiers bearing gold intended to pay for new weapons is waylaid by the Rojo brothers, the stranger inserts himself into the middle of the long-simmering battle, selling false information to both sides for his own benefit.
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Watching this so closely after watching Yojimbo means it's easy to pick apart how closely Leone follows Kurosawa, but with a film this simple it's good that it sticks pretty closely to the original with only the occasional concession to the difference in settings (such as dropping the sub-plot about....
In fact, nobody had bothered to inform its main star, Clint Eastwood, of the change, and as a result Eastwood remained virtually unaware of the positive buzz surrounding the movie until an agent pointed it out to him in a Variety Magazine article three weeks later.
A Fistful of Dollars isn't the most beautiful Leone film but it still looks great and Morricone's soundtracks are always excellent.
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