Brazil   9/04/18
by KeyserCorleone
Directed by Monty Python member Terry Gilliam, Brazil is the not-so-adventurous story of a daydreaming bureaucrat in the future who finds the woman in his daydreams, abuses his job to find information on her, and eventually giving into his fantasies and getting into trouble.

Brazil   9/06/16
by Diehl40
If you like the movie the documentary is worth watching, and if you like the movie enough you should check out the "Love Conquers All" version.

Brazil   7/18/15
by MovieMeditation
After watching the film though, Im still stuck in a whirlwind of wonder, continuously curious about the film and its themes and take on a future society, left standing as a faintly frustrated individual not knowing whether to be annoyed or amazed by it all.

Brazil   6/03/15
by Citizen Rules
I found myself checking how much longer the film had to go...and it was a long film!

Brazil   4/22/13
by Cobpyth
In the beginning of the film, we see how a man tries to kill a fly and how this fly ends up between his typewriter and because of that incident one of the automatically typed names becomes barely readable.

Brazil   11/13/10
by MovieMad16
But then the very end the confusion is forgotton and you leave sastified with the film you watched.

Brazil   12/25/08
by Iroquois
The attention to detail is incredibly meticulous, and it's all captured with amazing aptitude by cinematographer Roger Pratt, whose camerawork also deserves a mention for capturing the weird world of Brazil in a manner as equally bizarre yet familiar.If anything really stands out to anybody watching Brazil for the first time, it should be the mind-bending kaleidoscope of "art" that comprises Brazil's visuals.

Brazil   9/27/04
by SamsoniteDelilah
If you're craving a movie that will delight your eyes, tickle your funnybone, stroke your cynicism and stimulate your brain, watch Terry Gilliam's Brazil.

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