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Connor Macgregor Reviews...Brazil

This is Doug Walker`s favourite film...if you don`t know Doug Walker is The Nostalgia Critic and one of my internet idols. So when he put Brazil number 1 of his favourite films,i had to buy it. I just finished watching it and here are my thoughts.

In a highly structured and bureaucratic state, the government has installed extreme and highly counterproductive measures for which to track down terrorists. A "bug" in the system mixes up the last name of a terrorist (Tuttle) and an innocent man (ironically enough Buttle). Thus, the wrong man (Buttle) is arrested and killed while Tuttle continues to roam free. Sam Lowry, an average man with a mother who "knows people", is assigned to investigate the error. At the same time, Jill layton, Buttle's neighbor, is trying to report the mistake to authorities. Due to the extremely inefficient bureaucracy, she finds the process to be very tedious. Meanwhile, Sam Lowry, who has been dreaming about Jill, gets sidetracked by his fantasies and ends up also being a victim of the counter productivity of the government.

Now the first thing i love about this film is the setting. It feels like a George Orwell just by looking at the locations and the set design of the place. You feel like you are in a new world. Every scene there is something new to look at which dazzles you with awe and wonder at this world that Terry Gilliam has created. Through his wonderful direction,he creates a sort of parrarell world in which life on that world is not right. The story is wonderful and leads you on a journey you yourself do not know which direction it is going. Jonathan Pryce creates this wonderful character that is stuck in this mess that he himself cannot unravel himself out of. Futhermore he is after this girl played by Kim Griest who he keeps seeing in his dreams.

I won`t spoil the ending for you but it just builds and builds and builds and then spills all over the place until you yourself are very confused. But then the very end the confusion is forgotton and you leave sastified with the film you watched.

Overall its a great film.Great characters,amazing story with lots of twist and set design so amazing that not many films could overcome. Brazil is a film you should pick up.

Rating - 79% - B+