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Brazil (1985)

This is an extremely well made movie full of imagination, breathtaking music, great directing, sometimes hilarious situations and some very sharp dialogue! I'm still shaking from the brilliance of this movie. It was astonishingly awesome!

Terry Gilliam takes us to a retro-future world lead by a very repressive government.
In the beginning of the film, we see how a man tries to kill a fly and how this fly ends up between his typewriter and because of that incident one of the automatically typed names becomes barely readable.
This little incident causes an administrative error and an innocent man gets arrested by the ministry and is later executed.
Meanwhile we meet a daydreaming bureaucrat, named Sam, who is part of an important family, but doesn't really seem to have much ambition. He has to solve the problem by handing over a refund check to the innocent man's widow to 'cover' the government's mistake. When he arrives at the apartment, he sees the 'angel girl' of his dreams (literally), who happens to live in the same building and from that moment on his sole purpose in life is to find and be with her. Because she witnessed the arrest, she forms a potential danger to the state, however, so he also has to save the girl from the bureaucratic regime.
This adventurous quest develops both in the real world as well as in his own metaphorical daydreaming world.
Will he ever find peace with the woman of his dreams in this dangerously controlled world or will his increasing problems lead to his downfall? There's only one way to find out...

If you want to go on a spectacular trip through one of the most interesting sci-fi worlds ever and meet a bunch of great characters who also happen to be funny, you shouldn't wait much longer and see this masterpiece.

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