The Beach Bum   7/14/19
by Cobpyth
Looking at the ratings, it seems like many people disagree with me (just like Spring Breakers, this film will have many non-cinephiles watching it, expecting something totally different and therefore leaving disappointed), but I feel like The Beach Bum is a really good example of the kind of film th...

Tokyo Story   12/27/16
by Cobpyth
Instead of being told the message, Tokyo Story makes us feel the message, but that's only half of why the film is so great.

Nights of Cabiria   4/11/15
by Cobpyth
I mainly want to talk about the film's content and especially the meaning and implications of the film's brilliant ending.

An Autumn Afternoon   2/17/15
by Cobpyth
I'm curious how I'll like Ozu's black and white films (the next film of his I'm going to watch is probably the famous Tokyo Story), because -besides the unsurpassed framing and the meticulously paced editing rhythm- the use of colors in this film is one of the reasons why I loved this so much.

La dolce vita   1/14/15
by Cobpyth
Before seeing this film, you might think that this is simply a large film that shows a glorified and beautiful version of Rome's nightlife spiced with some drama between the elitist characters.

The Godfather   1/14/15
by Cobpyth
So, if you're the kind of person that looks for great individual moments in films, you'll find it here, but if you want a cohesive story that deeply analyzes the film's characters and the environment it's set in, The Godfather will also completely satisfy you.

Spirited Away   12/23/14
by Cobpyth
I immediately considered it as my new favorite animated movie and while the film has been challenged by a few other great films since, it still holds that place today.

Raging Bull   12/23/14
by Cobpyth
The film isn't afraid to be brutal sometimes, but at the same time Scorsese also didn't shy away from showing the epicness of it all, the phenomenal "larger than life" feeling that stardom (in the boxing ring) provokes.

Magnolia   12/20/14
by Cobpyth
Magnolia is a film that totally works for me and just like Paul's other work, I think this will be a film that I'll gladly revisit many more times in the future!

Fargo   12/20/14
by Cobpyth
There's some playful editing here and there and there's of course the fantastic snowy landscape in which this film is set, which adds an unsettling atmosphere to the film, while also giving it a strangely poetic feeling.

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