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  1. 11-08-18
    Keyser's Kinematic Kwiet Korner
  2. 08-31-18
    Enjoy the reviews, people should be reading your thread more, haha.
The Departed   11/10/19
I spent two weeks with movies for this purpose and this has been two of the most entertaining weeks of my movi...

Kelly's Heroes   11/09/19
I love war movies a lot, so I knew a movie like Kelly's Heroes would get my cinemaphilic taste buds in a good ...

Goodfellas   11/09/19
Before this Scorsese week kicked off, Goodfellas was the best Scorsese movie I had seen, not counting his docu...

The Last Waltz   11/08/19
I loved The Last Waltz so much that it became my favorite Scorsese movie, even above all of of his hits...

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