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I'm the Yugoslav cinema guy. I dig through garbage. I look for gems.
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  1. 04-13-23
    If you're joking about my avatar, that's an animal from a novel I published two months ago, and I keep the avatar for promotional purposes.
Spider-Man 2   5/16/21
Well, since my last two reviews have been about superhero movies and had made points about the genre as a whol

Avengers: Infinity War   4/18/21
As weird as that looks on paper, there's a reason for that: the way I do reviews, films that'd make for an int

Batman   4/08/21
Obviously, superhero movies aren't inherently rotten, but has there ever been a superhero movie that you could

An Event   2/08/21
Milo Forman wasn't the only person in the world to experience authoritarianism, just like Vatroslav Mimica was

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