The Good, the Bad and the Ugly   12/12/20
by Tramuzgan
The entertainment value is in watching the tides turn and the characters gain the upper hand over one another in ways that make sense for them, within the context of the setting.

Idiocracy   12/10/20
by Tramuzgan
That often gives people the wrong impression of me - I know that Idiocracy has built up some bad connotations over the years, so let me clear it up right now that I mainly like this film because it's funny.

Battleship Potemkin   11/19/20
by Tramuzgan
Take a look at some pre-Potemkin films - Nosferatu, Sherlock Jr., Birth of a Nation - all great films in their own right, but whatever implicit message they wanted to convey was done in the same way you'd do in a book or a play.

Underground   10/18/20
by Tramuzgan
For the duration of the film, set during the cold war, the poet keeps the protagonist and his family locked up in an underground asylum, producing weapons, convincing them that the war against nazis is still in full swing.

A Wonderful Night in Split   10/09/20
by Tramuzgan
I was so relieved to finally be done with high school melodrama that I began to associate Split with comfort, which coincidentally fits with the tone of the film.

Apocalypto   9/23/20
by Tramuzgan
There isn't much character development going on, it's mostly about Jaguar Paw trying to survive, which may sound like a bad thing, but it just enhances the savage feel of the film.

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King   9/20/20
by Tramuzgan
Why pretend that these are three separate films, when they're very clearly one film released in three parts?

Up   8/22/20
by Tramuzgan
The film we're talking about, Up, can be thought of as both their last good and first mediocre film.

Rango   8/18/20
by Tramuzgan
Like Chuck Jones, the character design thrives off of asymmetry and quirks - like how one character would have a hunched back, another would have a pronounced double chin, or freakishly lanky legs - but it's enhanced by how each animal needs to look somewhat like its real-life counterpart.

Fantastic Mr. Fox   6/04/20
by Tramuzgan
First, let's mention the most important thing in an animated film: how it uses the art of animation.

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