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    You cry about being unnoticed here, but you know very well that you're the star.
  3. 03-21-17
  4. 03-10-17
    I've pretty much been suicidal since I got home after my stroke in Dec. 2012.
Finding Dory   4/21/17
Finding Dory (Andrew Stanton) Dory was a breakout character from the massive hit Finding Nemo. Mos...

The Gift   4/20/17
The Gift (Joel Edgerton) With The Gift, Joel Edgerton delivers a thrilling film that manages to ...

Coherence   4/13/17
Coherence (James Ward Byrkit) Here is a film that I am glad I gave a chance. A directorial debut...

Sleepwalkers   4/12/17
Sleepwalkers (Mick Garris) I don't remember which Christmas it was, but I do remember telling my...

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