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  1. 04-17-17
  2. 03-11-17
    I've pretty much been suicidal since I got home after my stroke in Dec. 2012.
  3. 03-06-17
    Oh, another thing I forgot to say...
    Whenever I add a new quiz to MoFo for Yods, I'm putting a matching image in the thread and linking the image directly to the quiz page.

    Your initial landscape shaped pic design gave me the idea to do that
  4. 03-02-17
    Update: finalizing my list now. Expect it in half an hour
Cottage Country   7/28/17
Cottage Country (Peter Wellington) Cottage Country takes awhile before it finds the groove i...

Take Me   7/26/17
Take Me (Pat Healy) A harmless, yet predictable kidnapping flick. It will garner a snicker here ...

Solace   7/21/17
Solace (Afonso Poyart) I felt like I could have been the third psychic in this film as I saw eve...

Deepwater Horizon   7/18/17
Deepwater Horizon (Peter Berg) The second of three films in which Berg and Wahlberg recreate tragi...

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