Unfriended: Dark Web   5/22/19
by TheUsualSuspect
There are leaps in logic when people are scrambling video feed to hide their faces, but if you simply go along with it, Dark Web offers a somewhat enjoyable ride.

Unicorn Store   5/09/19
by TheUsualSuspect
Kit's world is like a unicorn farted out a rainbow.

Avengers: Endgame   5/08/19
by TheUsualSuspect
Avengers: Endgame is a great film and the biggest film to hit cinemas in a decade.

Venom   5/08/19
by TheUsualSuspect
I think about a film like Joker and the radical turn that it seems to be taking from other DC movies and I wonder what a low-budget body horror Venom film could be like, from someone like David Lynch, given free reign.

Pet Sematary   5/04/19
by TheUsualSuspect
The film drops the ball in a few different areas, mainly with the wife's backstory involving her sister and the father-son life relationship between Louis and Jud.

The Slumber Party Massacre   4/27/19
by TheUsualSuspect
This film was written as a parody of the genre, but then it was shot as a straight slasher horror film.

The Happytime Murders   4/27/19
by TheUsualSuspect
More focus on the discrimination between human and puppet could have opened the film to more opportunities, but the people behind this one are more concerned with weird sex tapes of a cow being milked.

The Oath   4/18/19
by TheUsualSuspect
That's be a good way to describe a film like The Oath.

The Strangers: Prey at Night   4/17/19
by TheUsualSuspect
It's not like this film is offering anything people haven't seen before.

The Silence   4/15/19
by TheUsualSuspect
It's themes, plot lines and overall structure has been explored before in better films.

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