Midsommar   7/04/19
by TheUsualSuspect
It's easy to make things scary when things take place at night, Aster has the ambition to craft a horror film that takes place entirely in the daytime.

Wine Country   7/04/19
by TheUsualSuspect
Wine Country is a film that you can miss.

Always Be My Maybe   7/02/19
by TheUsualSuspect
Really surprising role here as I was expecting a more stereotypical strict Asian father role, but they turn the expectations around and instead deliver a down to earth funny character that really stands out above the rest.

Someone Great   7/02/19
by TheUsualSuspect
Someone Great feels like a film that people should watch when they are going through the same events of the main character.

Murder Mystery   6/19/19
by TheUsualSuspect
That one character that leans heavily into comedy feels like they belong in earlier Sandler films, so it's a bit jarring.

Brightburn   6/19/19
by TheUsualSuspect
A cool looking mask helps bring a bit more evil comic book character vibes that I hoped the film would drench itself in.

The Fate of the Furious   6/15/19
by TheUsualSuspect
I forgot to mention how Kurt Russell is in these films now.

John Wick: Chapter 3   6/14/19
by TheUsualSuspect
It does feel a little bit video game like, as John goes through one bad guy to the next in order to get to the final "boss", but everything this film does, it does it very well.

Furious 7   6/14/19
by TheUsualSuspect
I threw logic out the window in Fast Five and had a great time, it continued on through 6 and now onto 7, which is one of the better films in the series.

Fast & Furious 6   6/07/19
by TheUsualSuspect
And the award for longest runway in the history of film goes to...

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