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10. Deadstream

When I put this on, I almost immediately regretted it. The star was a tad annoying, the demographic seemed to be a bit younger than me and it had an amateur vibe to it. I'm so glad I stuck with it though because Deadstream turned out to be a hilarious love letter to found footage films and The Evil Dead.

A disgraced YouTuber tries to earn back his fans by spending the night in a haunted house. He will be live-streaming the entire night. To make sure he doesn't chicken out, he disables his car, puts a lock on the front door, and throws away the key. There's no escape...

This is a one-man show and despite the annoyance of the lead at the start, I eventually warmed up to him and had a great time. Written, directed, and starring Joesph Winter, it's clear that he is a fan of the genre. Co-written and co-directed by his wife, the two made sure to make an excellent balance of horror and comedy. I was shocked by how well the horror was done and how funny the moments were. A demon finger up the nose will always get a laugh out of me.

Since the film is a "live stream", the lead will occasionally interact with the viewers online. This almost adds a participation element to it. You're part of this audience watching him go room to room. The audience will interact with him here and there. Telling him something is behind him or if he has a question, they will research it and post their findings. This is a welcomed element that adds a bit of relief to the one-man show.

It's a low-budget love letter to horror with elements of Raimi. I look forward to what this husband and wife duo has to offer next.