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19. Nope

After the massive success of Get Out, everyone was drooling for what Jordan Peele would bring us next. That film was the divisive Us. I love the performances of the movie and enjoy the atmosphere, but some people couldn't jump through the logic loops it requires to enjoy it. For his third outing, Peele brings us a sci/fi horror film Nope.

Strange occurrences happen at a family owned horse ranch. Clouds don't move, objects rain from the sky and something sinister is sucking up the horses.

I'll watch whatever Peele gives us, even if they seem to have diminishing returns. Nope is probably my least favourite of his three films so far, but it still has plenty to offer. Shot on Imax, the film looks gorgeous. The mountainside landscape adds an "epic" feeling to the genre that has so often wanted to feel more claustrophobic. I found myself watching the skies for this thing like people would watch the waters for Jaws.

The length does detract from the film a tad with the 2nd act being the most meandering part of the film. He also intercuts title cards every so often with the names of horses, which slow things down. I wish certain characters had more screen time as Peele seems to incorporate a lot of importance and symbolism with their sequences. Keke Palmer and Daniel Kaluuya have great chemistry as brother and sister as Peele continues to tell stories from the African American perspective with clear intent and he has the actors to back that up.

Nope is good, I just wanted it to be great.