Sunshine   5/15/21
by Optimus
Disaster movie, Survival movie, Sci Fi or even slasher?.

Sunshine   8/08/15
by Iroquois
After exploring the empty ship and finding the crew dead, the surviving members head back to their own damaged ship to complete the mission only to find that the captain of the first ship (Mark Strong) has not only survived for several years - with severe burns all over his body, no less - but had d...

Sunshine   5/20/15
by The Rodent
Notes And Trivia Alex Garland and Danny Boyle had worked together before on The Beach and 28 Days Later Boyle at the time was interested in making a different film though but was taken aback by Garlands script and got Andrew MacDonald involved.

Sunshine   12/11/14
by Citizen Rules
Sunshine has an R rating for violence and there's a sub plot twist which involves some graphic horror like scenes, though that's not what the film is about and it's a small part of the film in the third act.

Sunshine   6/22/11
by TylerDurden99
The most interesting character of the film is Searle, who has an unhealthy fascination with the sun, and it's light.

Sunshine   11/26/08
by meatwadsprite
The sun also has a special spiritual nature that some characters are captured by and it brings a whole other layer onto this movie.

Sunshine   1/26/08
by meatwadsprite
Visuals : Danny Boyle foolishly blurs up the action scenes and doesn't take advantage of the massive amount of CG within the film.

Sunshine   9/26/07
by Tacitus
Danny Boyle? He seems equally confident and successful in a variety of genres. Dare I say it but, in terms of mainstream film directors there aren't many better right now.

Sunshine   8/03/07
by Yoda
While most science fiction films emphasize the "fiction" part, Sunshine recognizes that the best genre films strike a balance between the two.

Sunshine   7/30/07
by John McClane
The sci-fi/deep space genre has not had a film of this quality for a long while...

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