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Nice to meat you. If you know what i'm saying.
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  1. 01-30-16
    Happy Birthday!
  2. 05-04-15
  3. 04-29-15
  4. 04-10-15
    thanks for introducing me to the site, Jason, its pretty cool!
    Donīt u like the clockwork orange? i see its not on your favorites list!
The Dark Knight Rises   7/28/12
The Dark Knight Rises Spoiler alert ! Without a doubt the biggest film disappointment for me, ever. While ...

Howard the Duck   5/26/11
Howard the Duck 1986 George Lucas is a convicted rapist. Quack quack quack. That's all the duck says th...

The Producers   5/15/11
"Scary man staring" The Producers 1968 Mel Gibson directed and commentaried on this straight to ...

Vertigo   5/10/11
Vertigo 1958 Cockroach made his debut with this box office bender, Tall Men Fall. Jimbo Stewber is a reti...

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