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Vertigo 1958

Cockroach made his debut with this box office bender, Tall Men Fall. Jimbo Stewber is a retired copper who is resummoned by his old bubby to get back into detecter job. For this mission he must spy on some hot mama, because she is straight up stupid. She goes to museum, then horse, then lake in that order. Very strange person.

So it turns out that theres more to meet the eye if you can even belive that. Stewbers strange obsession becomes alarming when he starts getting real rowdy and starts knockin b*t*hes out, and starts saying **** you god d*** sons of my *************** .

The point of this movie is to make green screens actually look good back in the dinosaur times. Some times they look really good and sometimes they are garbagio. Definitely not Cock's best looking, but his eyeballs clearly saw what happened.

"This movie is even harder than Inception"

One glaring thing is the ending, probably the most abrupt in the history of movies period. It's like listening to a story told by an old wise man, then he trips on a banana peel and tells 3/4 the story in one sentence.