Vertigo   9/18/16
by Gideon58
The master, Alfred Hitchcock, has given us a psychological thriller that is somewhat pedestrian in some places and spellbinding in others, and used his own unparalleled skill in cinematic storytelling in keeping us in suspense regarding what we think is happening is and what is REALLY happening...Hitchcock and screenwriter Samuel Taylor sprinkle this story with just enough red herrings to slightly confuse the viewer, but never enough to make us give up on the story, and believe me, I have no qualms about giving up on a story that is too confusing, but despite the bizarre twists and turns this story take, especially during the final third, I not only couldn't take my eyes off the screen, I found myself talking back to the movie, a sure sign of a movie that has gotten me.

Vertigo   7/10/16
by Citizen Rules
Hitchcock blamed James Stewart for being too old to have a believable romance with Kim Novak.

Vertigo   5/03/16
by TheUsualSuspect
Using different lighting and colour schemes along with inventive camera techniques, Vertigo is highly regarded as one of, if not the, best Hitchcock film.

Vertigo   4/25/16
by Nope1172
Ten months ago, before I had ever even heard of Movie Forums, I probably thought I was a film snob when I watched a film from the 70s.

Vertigo   5/23/15
by Iroquois
- but its a credit to Hitchcock and his collaborators that all these clich get subverted in service to the film's concern with something greater than delivering a rollicking mystery (which only really starts halfway through the film and then gets the truth revealed to the audience two-thirds of the way through the movie, but it's still up to us to watch Stewart figure it out for himself).

Vertigo   3/10/14
by The Gunslinger45
I had seen about half of the films when I started this quest, and after I was done quite a few of these movies wound up becoming some of my all time favorite films.

Vertigo   6/16/13
by seanc
The scenes between Stewart and Geddes are my favorites in the film trumping those between Stewart and Novak by a narrow margin.

Vertigo   5/10/11
by meatwadsprite
The point of this movie is to make green screens actually look good back in the dinosaur times.

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