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The Producers

"Scary man staring"
The Producers 1968

Mel Gibson directed and commentaried on this straight to DVD kids flick, which involves two grown men making a hitler play, but making it be really good on purpose and then it turns out to be a total sunken plunder. We start off with a roaring 1920's man to old woman luncheon, where Scary Man (played by Zero Hotels) is schamookering these grandmas out of their shamolies.

Thats how he gets his money can you belive that ? Untill, Willy Wonka enters the room and tells him about his new chocolate invention. The Wonka bar and his new golden ticket promotion. Before Wonka has time to unfold his diabolical scheme though, Scary Man says "No, thats a poor buisness strat. We should make a hitler."

Then they make Hitler and it so funny. Then audience real mad because it bad. Then audience is real funny because Hitler said baby. Then Scary Man and Wonka real mad because they mad now. Then they got lots of old money from old ladies and they spend it all on booze and cigars.

If you have a brain in your head for the last 50 years, then you know exactly how this ordeal is gona end the second it starts. But, it is pretty funny, but then again not "oh ha ha" funny, but then again "it was predictable", but then again Wonka would get real mad if I gave it a bad score.

bad score