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Sunshine (1 viewing)

Plot : A team of a few humans have to deliver a bomb into the sun to reignite it before it dies out.

Story : You are instantly put into the near end of the long mission of the Icarus and it's crew as they approach the sun and attempt to reignite the dieing star. Obviously their mission doesn't go as planned and takes bad turn after turn and even though it may be a good story it's unfortunately made in a overall bad way. The characters are very short lived for the most part and don't do much but die and make a story twist - I can say by the end of the movie , I didn't really care about any of them.

Visuals : Danny Boyle foolishly blurs up the action scenes and doesn't take advantage of the massive amount of CG within the film. Once in awhile there are a some amazing looking scenes , but mostly what I see is untapped potential : and some amateur looking tricks to try emulate any sort of lacking emotion.

Synopsis : A poorly executed film with a good plot backing it up - not to mention a lot of great CGI.