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Sunshine (2007)


Danny Boyle's interesting hit it's highest point so far with this 2007 masterpiece. Yes, I do think it's Boyle's best film to date, better Trainspotting, The Beach or Slumdog Millionaire. It's one of the most imaginative, well structured and visually beautiful films I've ever seen.

The sun is dying, and a team of eight men and woman are sent to launch a large explosive to re-ignite it. The first thing about Sunshine is the performances. The largely unknown cast delivers strong performances, as they portray interesting characters with different personalities. The most interesting character of the film is Searle, who has an unhealthy fascination with the sun, and it's light.

The visuals are fantastic. The way the sun looks is both realistic and beautiful. The rest of the film is visually awesome, but the way the film is executed by it's director is the most important factor. The film is split into halves. The first half introduces it's characters and plays out like a real sci-fi film. The second half turns into more of a horror film, slasher like even. The second half is admittedly weaker than the superbly crafted first half, but still remains a fascinating filmic experience.

I was really impressed with this film, and I do urge those who haven't seen it, to do so now.