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Short Cuts


Julianne Moore, Andie MacDowell, Tim Robbins, Jack Lemmon View All


Robert Altman (Screenplay), Robert Altman (Director), Frank Barhydt (Screenplay) View All

Release: Sep. 5th, 1993
Runtime: 3 hours, 7 minutes
Many loosely connected characters cross paths in this film, based on the stories of Raymond Carver. Waitress Doreen Piggot accidentally runs into a boy with her car. Soon after walking away, the child lapses into a coma. While at the hospital, the boy's grandfather tells his son, Howard, about his past affairs. Meanwhile, a baker starts harassing the family when they fail to pick up the boy's birthday cake.
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The film features a rich amount of interesting characters, Altman's directing is exceptionally great (there are a couple of really cool jokes, using some well timed cuts) and all the different plotlines are just very enjoyable and interesting to observe.
Frightened Inmate No. 2
It never made me interested in it beyond when we initially meet the characters, whereas Short Cuts keeps making subtle character changes, and takes the characters and stories to new places.
Unlike other giant films that thread multiple narratives together , it doesn't have any huge underlying themes - rather it is simply a enormous character driven story.