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Released: Dec. 19th, 1996
Runtime: 1 hour, 51 minutes
A killer known as Ghostface begins killing off teenagers, and as the body count begins rising, one girl and her friends find themselves contemplating the 'rules' of horror films as they find themselves living in a real-life one.
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Drew Barrymore is also mentioned a lot in relation to this film, and although her scene is probably the best scene in the entire film, I would not say it was because of her, I thought she was good in her role, but it wasn't until the last few moments of her character's life when she calls out for her mother that she really did shine in her role, but that was literally just for a couple of seconds, and she was pretty mediocre for the other 15 minutes or so sadly.
The characters featured in this film might not always know the exact details of every slasher movie, but they are familiar enough with the conventions to the point where one of the characters outlines the "rules" which every such film supposedly obeys.
It has been credited with the 'decline' of horror films, even though this film is particularly good.
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