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  1. 11-26-18
    I wish I knew what other people have made of it. IFAIK cat's the only one who actually read it.
  2. 11-26-18
    Did you ever get back to reading the book?
  3. 10-23-18
    I sent you a PM a couple of days ago...
  4. 09-30-18
    No worries. Please post about it in the thread I made when you do finish, or sooner if you feel like discussing what you've read so far. A couple of other people asked to read it, so I'm hoping to get some discussion going.
Hunter's Blood   9/06/18
I laughed more times than I cringed at the random professions of love, or overly long debates on guns that wou

Hostel: Part II   6/03/18
Matarrazzo's development of her character made her death scene torturous (sorry for the terrible pun) to watch

Winter of Our Dreams   10/17/17
I also mentioned the film feeling understated throughout before, and although it works for the vast majority o

Harvest Lake   2/05/17
The cinematography was gorgeous on this film, I couldn't find the budget for this film, although I'm guessing

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