Hunter's Blood   9/06/18
by CiCi
I laughed more times than I cringed at the random professions of love, or overly long debates on guns that wouldn't look out of place on Newsnight.

Hostel: Part II   6/03/18
by CiCi
Matarrazzo's development of her character made her death scene torturous (sorry for the terrible pun) to watch, she was a portrayal of that shy, shrinking violet type of young girl that most of us will quickly recognise, and to see her get brutalised was all the more shocking because we weren't watc...

Winter of Our Dreams   10/17/17
by CiCi
I also mentioned the film feeling understated throughout before, and although it works for the vast majority of the film, the ending is a bit messy.

Harvest Lake   2/05/17
by CiCi
The cinematography was gorgeous on this film, I couldn't find the budget for this film, although I'm guessing based on the minimal cast, and the single location that it was fairly small, but it honestly doesn't look like it.

Let Me In   7/15/16
by CiCi
This opportunity was wasted, and the fact Matt Reeves takes credit for writing and directing the film is a bit insulting when he takes the original film, and simply somewhat butchers it.

Blade Runner   7/01/16
by CiCi
In any film I've ever seen, I think the image of Rachael standing with her hand on her hip, with light illuminating her figure as she looks into Deckard's apartment with the hypnotic sounds of Vangelis' saxophone playing away in the background is my favourite shot in any film.

The Big Doll House   6/19/16
by CiCi
So I began watching it, and after 40 minutes I realised I was actually watching one of her later films.

The Shining   4/09/16
by CiCi
I think this is a little unorthodox, usually in supernatural films, a cup will move an inch without anyone touching it, or there'll be a loud knocking sound in the distance *gasps* and that's mainly why I don't like supernatural films, because so often they make the unknown look so harmless, effecti...

The Human Centipede (First Sequence)   3/09/16
by CiCi
The film essentially fails to deliver on its obvious intent to disgust and offend us (then again, the second film went completely to the opposite end of the spectrum!

The Descent   2/08/16
by CiCi
Then the metaphorical meanings, such as Sarah's baptism/rebirth in the pool of blood scene all just make the film all the more fascinating, simultaneously emphasising the degree of skill and effort that Neil Marshall has placed into constructing every detail of his piece.

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