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I was wondering what people's thoughts are on guests being able to rep. Would you like it?. Just thought it would be interesting if people who visit this site but are not members could rep reviews, lists, and just general comments they have found funny.
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If they want to give rep, they should join the site.

Yeah, it's the same as involvement... they should join up if they want to get involved.

Imagine if neg rep was still a thing. Imagine getting a neg from a total stranger for giving a film a low score or something.

Well, if this were happening, there would at least be IP logging to avoid that kind of low-hanging fruit, but if someone decided to make a little effort they could circumvent it. And the better the basic IP logging was, the more potential for false positives that would interfere with actual rep.

But yeah, even though it probably wouldn't be that easy, the fact that it would be possible, and that reducing it could have side effects, are some of the reasons we're not doing it.

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I don't think there's a need for guest to be able to rep us. Also I'm GLAD that the number of reps is hidden and not public. It helps to keep all of of us on equally footing. I like the rep system just the way it is. I'm glad the neg reps are gone too!