The weddings crashers vs. Borat


which movie do you guys think is funnier?

Wedding Crashers is definately the funnier of the two. I have seen both and laughed at both, but I have seen WC about 6 times and it is still funny. I believe Borat would wear on me after a while. Plus, no nude male wrestling in Wedding Crashers. That was nasty in Borat.

Borat was a kinda political comedy that not everybody understands of likes. Wedding Crashers hits a more wide audience.

Borat stand on one joke : he's a strange foreigner. Wedding Crashers has several things it rests on and a much bigger cast to boey it.

Plus, anything with a Wilson brother is going to be good. lol.

Both are hilarious movies, although I think I laughed harder during Borat

wedding crashers no questions asked!

Weddign Crashers-boring and kind of funny
Borat-pure entertainment, not as good as the Ali G show though.

Wedding crashers was awesome, want to see borat badly.

Vince Vaughn is one of my Favourite comedic characters but Wedding crashers was kind of a disappointment so I'll go with Borat
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Borat! definately the best of its time!

most definately Borat. I dont see me liking it after the second viewing, but it was much funnier than wedding crashers regardless.

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BORAT WITHOUT A DOUBT wedding crashers had tht typical hollywood boring romance stuff as it went on. Borat was a TRUE comedy with some political treats for u to rave on about too.
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Got to go with Wedding Crashers all the way. You can watch it numerous times without it growing old. Borat has more of a Jackass feel to it, where the joke will get old after a while. Borat is hilarious, but it is just another fad that will die off pretty soon.
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i dont like borat. but that's juz me

I liked the Wedding Crashers and any comedy with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson.( DeNero and Ben Stiller is a good combo, too.)
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Wedding Crashers. I thought it would be completely dumb, but it charmed me. Borat was just too fake and crude, although it did have some laugh out loud moments.