Vote on the next countdown (Oct. 2023)


What should our next countdown be (Oct 23)?
17 votes
Films not on previous lists
13 votes
Underseen films
17 votes
26 votes
16 votes
Some decade refresh
6 votes
Other (specify below)
56 votes. You may not vote on this poll

That 70s list is probably the best it's going to get in its final form.

We should combine all the suggestions into one: The Top 100 Romantic Animated Musicals From the 1990s That Have Not Been On Any Other Lists.

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Musicals because it doesn't have one yet. Or Sports.

There's plenty of time to rehash the decade countdowns, but I'd rather do things we haven't done.

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OMG! You just read my mind, well sorta of When Yoda sets up the poll it would be great if it was one vote for one person, not multiple choice. How about trying it that way this time?
I should probably explain why?

In the past when we had multiple choice polls and people were told to vote for all the countdowns that they would be interested in, a number of people posted and said, 'whoops, I only voted for one choice, I didn't know we could vote for multiple choices'. Which then would seem to throw off the results.

I vote for only one vote per user.

I also vote that if somehow Musicals manage to win that we allow films with the Music tag too. There's only like five films tagged on imdb as musicals that are actually any good.

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I'm up for most anything, but musicals does seem like a logical next step.
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I also vote that if somehow Musicals manage to win that we allow films with the Music tag too.
I agree with this. If I include movies tagged as "music" I just barely get to ten movies that I like. Filling up a musical ballot is going to be an impossible challenge for me without including those movies.

Who wants to host??? If we get a host we can get this show on the road!
Typically a host is decided on/volunteers after the subject is decided on and that hasn't happened yet. You're jumping the gun.

I'm all for '90s Part II. Ten years is a long time and I wasn't here to participate in it. Plus, it would be a good cure for my bout of '90s nostalgia. Drinking Surge while sitting backwards on a chair like A.C. Slater regularly just isn't cutting it.

I can appreciate a few people might have misunderstood the voting, but I have to imagine that's rare. It also doesn't necessarily skew voting very much, since they're still picking their favorite. And it would take that happening a lot to make a huge difference.

I'm always willing to hear arguments, but if we're going to have four or more options, the split is almost always going to mean the winner does not get a majority, and I think it really hurts things to have the winner be something most people did not pick or have any influence on during voting. I really think multiple votes are the way to go for that reason, since the choice itself is less important than making sure people are interested and excited about it, and feel a sense of ownership with it.

And, of course, my more ruthless side says that if anyone skims (or doesn't read!) the post about how voting works, that's on them, anyway.

Anyway I guess we need to decide what the options should be, and once I feel comfortable we've got some kinda consensus there I can post the poll, presumably this week.

If there's no consensus I'm happy to just choose, leaning heavily on the things that just missed the cut last time.

If there's no consensus I'm happy to just choose, leaning heavily on the things that just missed the cut last time.
Please, do that.
I am getting tired of people dissing Romantic comedies or Musicals, just because they are not artsy enough (or they are afraid to admit publicly that they like them).
Letís have a countdown for movies that are not necessarily movie-school worthy, but good at entertaining or making you feel good!

Trouble with a capital "T"
90's part II
No problem with all those choices, but Romance should probably be on there. It's been a choice on other polls and had it's fans.
Films Not on a Previous List
Underseen Films (I think that was Takoma's idea and she gave an explanation how it might work.)