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i have played the second vegas on the 3****** but i like games better on pc anyway
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I normally only play word, number, and question games. Why? Because I'm an old fart!
Aren't you just a couple years older than me? That isn't old fart territory, at all....
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When I do ... I play either Civ3 or Civ4.

Both of these Sid Meyer "Civilisation" games are micromanagement god games, easily moddable on so many levels, fun to play alone or if you want to play other humans, you can network, play on-line or by e-mail. I was also involved in a team play by e-mail variant on the CivFanatics site.

I really like this type of strategy game and Civ is brilliant
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Aren't you just a couple years older than me? That isn't old fart territory, at all....
I had to blame my boring choice of games on something, and a brainiac I'm not.

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I've recently started playing a bunch of RPGs again. I hardly get anytime to play them, but every now and then I do.

Rogue Galaxy
Dark Cloud 2
Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3
Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy X
Final Fantasy XII
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The Metal Gear Solid Online beta, which has finally gone ... ermmm ... online.

Looks like you'll need to get a PS3, Iro.

EDIT - It's basically Warhawk with lots of little Snake's running around but with the traditional MGS interface (and weapons, accessories etc). Unlike Warhawk, it's got a solo practise mode so you can finally enter a game for the first time with a grasp of the controls and not feel like a total noob.
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My new lady friend loves to play video games (she's hot too, honest). So, we have been logging a lot of time in on the games lately.

Twisted Metal Black

Sure, it's a few years old, but this game is by far the best car combat game I have ever played. I'll leave Mario-Kart for the kiddies, thanks. Dark, atmospheric, tone combined with a great controls, amazing level design, and a slew of fun to use weapons. Also, I got the game for under 10 bucks. Sorry, you just can't beat that.

We also recently went through Resident Evil 4, which still totally rocks.

John listed a Shin Megami Tensei game above. I must again chime in on the cool design aspects these games have. Check out one of these titles soon, folks!

My lil lady is also going through GTA: San Andreas. I had already beat this game, and I am now constantly impressed with how differently her game is developing when compared to my first run through. Fun stuff. I will say though, some of my other games, like God of War, have aged pretty well as far as graphics are concerned, but, GTA is looking pretty rough these days...

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Tacitus: I thought it was delayed till Saturday?
I know the different servers had slightly different opening times (I was able to log in since early Friday) but all the Americans on my PSN list are able to get on now, and have been since Friday morning 'their time'.

It's not earth-shatteringly good, to be honest (but I'm told that it improves once you've levelled up a few of your core skills), but it's a free beta so who's complaining?

Seds - I gave GTA:SA a twirl a few days back in preparation for GTA:IV and, yeah, the character models in particular look like something from the PS1. I was never 100% sold on any of the GTAs, to be honest, though I see that Ricky Gervais makes a cameo appearance in the new one.

Being able to shoot him repeatedly would be reason enough for me to buy it...

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I've started playing Super Mario 64 recently, i've played it 6 hours in total, got myself 42 stars!

You ready? You look ready.
It's not earth-shatteringly good, to be honest (but I'm told that it improves once you've levelled up a few of your core skills), but it's a free beta so who's complaining?
I don't care about multiplayer. I just want a glimpse of what MGS4 will be like, and the beta does that perfectly. I love the graphics and the gameplay. MGS4 is going to rock.

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It's funny, but Kojima is being pretty harsh on it in interviews - not a great way to drum up sales for your new product.

I'm not too keen on multiplayers in general and MGO looks like joining the likes of Warhawk and Team Fortress in the 'can't be arsed to give another chance' pile.

My local video store phoned me yesterday, inviting me down at midnight tonight for GTA4. Once I've decided what to trade I might actually do it - I'm gonna be busy enough on Tuesday as it is.

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I want in the MGO beta so badly, too bad i don't have a PS3. Might get one for my 16th birthday solely for MGS4 hehe.

GTA4... omg... im pissing my pants in anticipation.
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Basically, I think he got a little carried away when dreaming of what the new machine could actually do compared to how experienced people are at coding for it in this still early stage in the PS3's life cycle.