Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania


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i just finished watching it. omg its soo amazing, i really loved it. i gave it 10/10 and soo happy that they showed loki 😍😍😍. theres 2 post credit scenes

Just got back.

Mix bag. Darren. Jonathan Majors.

Terrific imagery and FX, but seriously befuddled in the plot department. I think they've drained the last blood from this franchise.

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Quantumania reminded me of Alice in Wonderland. Antman and the Wasp and their family get sucked down a small hole into a tiny realm filled with fantastical creatures. They meet a grinning cat (MODOK), they get chased by faceless soldiers, and they're confronted by a wicked queen (in this case, a king, Kang). I'm not sure which character Bill Murray aligns with - Mad Hatter, perhaps?
WARNING: "ending" spoilers below
It does feel like a weird fairy tale, and at the end of the movie, nothing much has changed: Scott is a little closer to his daughter, and that's about it.

This movie could have been a lot better.

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A rare DNF for me. This film was just too silly, and I found myself not caring about what happened fairly quickly. It wasn't long before I decided I could be spending my time doing something more rewarding, so I shut it down. No rating, as I didn't make it past 40 mins or so.
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Near the bottom of my MCU tier and of the year for sure.
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