The Annual MoFo Christmas Thread


Had a dig around and couldn't find a thread on this... only a load of Christmas recommendations threads etc...

Post your Christmas Wishes and stuff, pictures, poems, any funny stuff, whatever you like, all based on Crimbo of course.

This can be the Annual MoFo Christmas Thread that appears and reappears every December

Originally Posted by doubledenim
Garbage bag people fighting hippy love babies.

Bots gotta be bottin'

That lying fat greedy b*stard drink your booze?

I'm setting my bear traps around the Christmas Tree again this year then... I missed him last year, gonna make sure I get him this time.

I actually have something that I would give away to someone.

Mofo Secret Santa maybe?
I wonder how that would work with so many people from different countries (for one thing, DVDs have different region codes and don't work in all players)?

They do a Secret Santa on the pet rat forum I'm part of (actually they do gift swaps twice a year). First someone is appointed to run the swap, then people fill out a questionnaire and send it to the person in charge, then the person in charge matches people up and they're given a certain amount of time to get their package together and ship it. In the meantime, once people have their partners they start posting clues about it in the swap thread so that everybody can guess who has them. There's a $15 minimum gift value requirement (but no maximum), and one of the questions is whether or not people are willing to be a backup partner in case somebody doesn't hold up their end. People are also asked whether or not they're willing to ship internationally (people not from the U.S. are required to say "yes" to that one). Once people receive their gifts, they post photos of them in the thread.

It's a lot of fun and I've participated in them every time since I joined, but in the context of a pet forum it's pretty easy to buy for people since the focus on the gifting is pet stuff.

I would do a U.S. Secret Santa. I can't afford international postage (no offense )

(Part of) my brother's Christmas light display from last year:

Not his video though. Some random family made this video and uploaded it, so you'll have to forgive their commentary.

My brother's a little nuts.

What? Three children with automatic weapons? What could be more Christmasy?

"Spray the hall with automatic gunfire, tra-la-la-la la, la-la, la-la"