Perfect Film Scores


A perfect film score, for me at least, is a

I thought that was the norm for everybody or am I missing something? jokes y'all
Shouldn't you be tossing a coin somewhere ?

I must confess that I'm not big on noticing musical scores in non-musical films but there are few films where I think the music is a standout element:

The Road to Perdition

Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005)

Young Frankenstein

Hannah and her Sisters


Driving Miss Daisy

The Godfather

A Streetcar Named Desire (1951)

Birdman (The music was almost all percussion and was awesome)

ONCE UPON A TIME IN WEST is the first that comes to mind!

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
Pulp Fiction ( it's not an original OST I know)
Mean Streets

And my favorite composer "Joe Hisaishi". I can't imagine A Scene at Sea, Hana-Bi or SONATINE without his hypnotic music. Joe Hisaishi and Kitano = Perfect!

Requiem for a dream
Just got this back during record store day. So freakin amazing.

Listened to bits of Toto's score again today. Impossible to imagine the film without it. It's an extremely emotive soundtrack and I particularly like how awesome and menacing Frank Herbert's future sounds, with that underlying note of tragedy.

I might be obsessed with Hans Zimmer lol

Hacksaw Ridge
Dune (Part One and Part Two)
The Creator
Blade Runner 2049
Spirited Away

There are a lot of film scores which are simply great music and would likely work for more than one movie. But perfect for a single movie?

The Ghost and Mrs Muir
The Big Country
Lawrence of Arabia

While I would not endorse the entire film score as being "perfect", this 18 seconds certainly is: