Fear and Loathing in MoFo... The Gunslinger45's Top 50 Favorite Films.

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Welcome MoFo's! It is time again for another Top 50 with, The Gunslinger45. Been a great time here on our fair site, and I continue to be exposed to new directors, film movements, rediscover and explore more thoroughly other film genres, and I got to see several film classics on the big screen. So I say it is high time to knock out another top 50. Plus it is getting closer to the time where I will be probably working some crazy hours for work, so I don't know if I will have the time to put into said list later.

So take the ticket... and ride the ride. Here are my Top 50 favorite films.

50. The King of Comedy (1982) (PG) USA
Drama / Comedy
New Hollywood

We begin this countdown with a very familiar pairing, Scorsese and De Niro. While panned at the time of release, the film has gained a positive critical response on reappraisal. It is a look at not only fame, psychosis, delusional fans, and show biz, but it was WAY ahead of its time. Half the stuff in this film still applies today with regards to reality TV. Not to mention it is one of De Niroís best performances. It is not often that you see the guy who brought to like masculine roles like Travis Bickle, Jimmy Conway, and Jake La Motta do a role that is a HUGE nerd. It is one of Martyís more under appreciated works, and in my opinion one of his best.

49. Double Indemnity (1944) (NR) USA
Hollywood Golden Age

I have been on a Film Noir binge as of late and rediscovered this masterpiece. Some say this is not really a genre in the truest sense others say it is, but Film Noir has a very definite visual style. Noir uses shadows and a low key black and white visual style to create a unique vision of urban life. Unlike the Western which was traditionally more wholesome, Noir’s featured characters that were far more flawed. They were imperfect, cynical, broken, morally lacking in one regard or in general, hard boiled, and sometimes downright despicable. These films featured cops, private eyes, broken down boxers, gangsters, white collar criminals, and of course the femme fatale. And this film features a prominent femme fatale played by Barbara Stanwyck. And like a lot of Noir’s this film plays out like a morality play. Flawed man means girl, and in his weakness makes a huge mistake which ends in his undoing. The Killers is called “The Citizen Kane of Noir” on the back of its Criterion DVD package. I can agree to that in regards to its story structure. But in terms of masterpieces, Double Indemnity to me is the Citizen Kane of Noir.

Great start. I almost put it on my 100 and like it even better than the other Scorsese about a crazy loner played by DeNiro.

Love both these films, had them in my own 50 as well. Rewatched The King of Comedy recently and it still holds up.

48. Frozen (2013) (PG) USA
Musical / Animated
Buck and Lee
Theater (Original Release)

Miss Vicky will love this one. Yes as you all are well aware I am a big Disney fan. And this is actually my favorite film Disney as done. Disney has itís masterpieces in its many time periods, but this is the one I like the most. And as I wrote in my last write up for it in my last top 50, it was the movie that actually got me back into watching Disney movies again after many years of neglect. I also love how it played around with the usual Disney tropes and turned them on their head. And like many others I love the soundtrack. I also happen to be one of those people who have not gotten sick of the movie. Love the movie, love the songs, it is my number 48.

47. The Exorcist (1973) (R) USA
New Hollywood

Aaaaand transition from girls singing songs to a little girl screaming “Your mother sucks ****s in Hell!” Crazy right? The scariest movie I have ever seen. EVER… Makes sense for a good Roman Catholic boy like myself to be terrified by this flick. Still holds up to this day. Unsettling subject matter, atmosphere and mood galore, and Linda Blair was downright terrifying. Many more exorcism films were made after this film, but this is still the best.

You don't even need to be Catholic for The Exorcist to be effective. Amazing film.

Master of My Domain
Dis gon b good people!

King of Comedy and Double Indemnity are great picks, the former being an all-time fav. Frozen was surprisingly very decent. Not a fan of The Exorcist's style of horror.

46. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) (PG) USA

I have appreciated this film ever since I saw it. But I only recently got to feel the full effect of the film when I saw it on the big screen. One of the best theatrical experiences I have ever had, it was incredible to see this film on a theater screen and to hear the classical score through a cinema sound system. It amplified what I already thought was a fantastic film, into an incredible experience. I have to see this again on the big screen when I get the chance.

2001 is cool af.

^ I just learned what af means. I'm so hip now.

Great list so far! A big rep for Double Indemnity....I've noticed you've been watching lots of Noirs. I have to watch 2001 again, it's only been decades since I last watched it.

Dammit, I can't help but wonder how 2001 must be like in a theater. When people say they get genuine goosebumps when they see it in theaters they must be telling the truth.

Last night I watched it again, and it was the biggest screen I've seen it on so far. Hit me right in the feels.

Dammit, I can't help but wonder how 2001 must be like in a theater. When people say they get genuine goosebumps when they see it in theaters they must be telling the truth.

Last night I watched it again, and it was the biggest screen I've seen it on so far. Hit me right in the feels.
In the cinema, it is otherworldly.