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The rules say that I can self-promote filmmatt.wordpress.com as long as I don't "draw attention to" that link...
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  1. 04-30-16
    Yo, just sent you a trade offer.
  2. 02-11-16
    Your turn in the draft, I think
  3. 02-06-16
    You're OTC on the Make a Movie Draft. Just pick whenever you are ready, there isn't a time limit.
  4. 07-21-15
    I enjoyed it, since it was honest/sincere. Most people make reviews sound very boring and robot-like (as if they use a template and just edit in words that fit the movie) but that one seemed much different.
Pain & Gain   5/01/16
Most people think of Bay as as a populist, which his "Transformers" movies definitely are, but "Pain and Gai

Inside Out   12/26/15
Pixar is a company, and like all companies, it has good films and bad films

War Room   12/21/15
Despite not being religious and thinking the Christian movie boom is the worst thing to happen to film as a me

Taken 3   11/26/15
It's probably the first movie ever to be marketed by a quote, as the monologue featured in the trailers was qu

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